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MLB Algorithm Saturday August 10th, 2019

Atlanta blows a 4 run lead in 9th lol and Houston put up 23 runs for what it’s worth. Focusing in on games above bet score 3 is optimal and the day’s results are prime example. KC wins and I was wearing their T-Shirt
TB lineups only game without confirmed yet

SInce the inception of the MLB algorithm, users have been asking me for betting strategies, parlay combinations and other methods of optimizing payout and ROI. Based on historical stats, games that show a bet score above 3 are the “Premium Picks” and one betting option is to make multiple parlay bets called a “Round Robin”. In yesterday’s matchups there were 5 games above bet score, if you played a round robin on those 5 teams and have a bankroll of about $100 a day, you would have won all on the moneyline and payout is shown below

26 unique parlay bets, $4 each -= $104 total wager

Working on today’s sheet – subscribe to receive picks BEFORE the games here and support development of the MLB algorithm

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