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Sunday September 8th, 2019 – MLB, NFL, NCAAF

It will be a very active Sunday morning, my advice;

MLB is safest because the algorithm has the most historical statistics for the season. Over the past few weeks the baseball picks have been fantastic, same phenomenon occured last year.

That was a good day on Saturday
Later game lineups not yet confirmed

NFL Week 1 – Enjoy watching, too many unknowns because it’s day 1 showtime. Root for your survival pool pick, mine is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Actual starting lineups are not part of the win Score % shown, usually they are. Week 1 picks are based off 2018 Season Stats so roster changes are not being taken into consideration until games in 2nd week. (Week 1 is not like the others)

NCAAF – College Football week 2 recap will be a video for early next week, it’s not working yet. 2 weeks of stats will be much more helpful. Around 4 weeks in is when NFL starts to get reliable – this is first year of NCAAF algorithm it might take a bit longer

NCAA Mens basketball, NHL and Horse Racing are also coming before Halloween

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