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Podcast Feb 17th, 2018 – Avoiding Biff Trump in Back to America 2

This is a longer than normal podcast, for a banner day

0:00 Good morning
1:00 Bobby is getting me to excited to read!
1:30 Sanfrenzia was (is?) the location of the IRA troll farm
2:45 Fake organizations, in name only impersonations… why???
3:30 The threat of Hillary drove the russians, because she would have continued taking a hard stance
4:00 If we lived in a Biff Universe, how would we have gotten there?
5:00 Sewing Discord (great name for a band btw)
5:20 Why can’t we get our representatives to act on OUR behalf?
6:00 Name Calling, Generalizations, Keywords Designed to Inflame…. create unrest.
7:00 Not running over homeless people (allegedly)
7:20 Friends who know what to expect when talking politics… are getting along better!?! Personal experience here I hope you can confirm as well.
8:00 Know how to act around crazy people, buy them blunts
8:40 Permanently defensive political posture, exhausted Trump Endorfins
9:45 Char-Hut is pretty darn great
11:30 Wanting to know what the hell happened pushed me to drive to the scene of the crime.
13:00 This kid was a known unknown, the kids at school knew it.
14:00 Social Media audit can provide clues to disable the crazys
15:00 Let’s start using our emotional capital to push the reps in the right direction
15:30 Poor gun shop owners, didn’t mean any harm… but it’s the business you chose to be in.
16:00 Legal mumbo jumbo for gun dealers
16:30 let’s have less of them, less of them
17:30 Schizophrenic is my best guess on Cruz
18:00 Don’t sell guns to hot heads, let social media be the guide
19:30 Crazy gun monitoring ideas for the 22nd century
20:00 Looking at who we allow to buy guns makes all the difference
21:00 Type of weapons matter, assault weapons are too powerful for the concrete jungle
22:00 Seems like a losing battle to ban guns though
22:45 Monitoring is the only way to know, perfect world scenario
25:00 Ambient device management, the type of 1984 that we can’t even imagine accurately..Metal detecting laser beams and then some.
26:00 A dose close to home
26:30 Signs of unity after all of this mess, we can’t and won’t live in the negative
27:15 Two personal experiences gave me hope that we can dive into depth and hash out common ground
28:30 Americans looking to make amends with one and other
29:45 My grandpa has a hard on for Rachel Maddow…(he doesn’t know about Susan)
30:00 Trump does pull people off of vacation frequently
30:15 Someone is standing up for the values we hold dear, and it feels reassuring
31:00 I don’t get pulled over
32:00 The deep state is your daddy.. and your sister and uncle and nephew and everybody else you care about.
33:00 Ripe for change in this climate
33:30 They can’t rig an election if we don’t let them

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