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Conspiracy Against Someone Souldn’t be Rand Dumb

I was so upset after hearing Rand Paul attack the FBI on morning Joe Friday
clip about FBI nonsense that got

that I recorded this:

0:00 Witness to two fatalities (i think) over past few years on the road, i prefer Black Audi’s over Red Ford Mustangs
0:45 I’m a little ticked off about Rand Paul
1:00 UnAmerican PutinEsk views (Baaahnackelll)
1:30 Conspiracy by S & P
2:00 You’ll say anything in a text trying to get laid
2:30 Fake Collusion – that word don’t mean crap
3:00 Let’s talk about the word Conspiracy
4:00 I’ve got some predictions
4:30 Dingleberry Guilty Pleaz
5:00 Let’s go down the Pardon Flynn road…
6:00 Sergey Magnitsky’s death is not in vain [Thank you Bill Browder]
7:00 Release those Billions of Rubyeels into SuperPacs
7:40 If you are arguing for Putin, are you a co-conpirator
8:16 How about some evidence Rand?
8:45 Do you we want to Putin to win?
9:15 Is the Russian federation threatening the lives of our representatives?
10:00 The Real Conspiracy Against the United States
11- Challenge time

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