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MLB Algorithm 8/12 – Year or Year Pitching Comparison

Early in the baseball season, the starting pitchers stats are odd looking because of few starts. However, the current year 2020 pitching stats are still relevant when looking at possible game flow outcomes. Today there is a view of the algorithm prediction using last year’s 2019 Pitching stats in the formula:

Baltimore seems like a great pick at that line +163 based on Wade Leblanc’s 2019 Pitching Stats
NYM ATL SEA pitchers had no real 2019 stats in majors – Lockett especially

When you swap in the 2020 stats, things get a little crazy as the pitcher ERAs, Wins and Losses are not a real long term season distribution yet

BAL still looks like a good pick
Love how KC wins 16 – negative O somehow – projected scoring doesn’t mean much with 2020 pitcher stats
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