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Podcast Saturday October 13th, 2018 – Lovely Yesterday

Caution as always, this is a podcast:
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    Start Minute – Summary

0 – Bill Withers gets talked over
2 – He is alive…slab fork? that’s gonna happen
4 – Is it really a lovely day today?
5 – High energy hurricanes mixing with high energy news leads to lack of preparedness
6 – Ignoring can be a life philosophy and biological defense mechanism, internalizing some critique is healthy and leads to growth
7 – Focused optimism breeds content
8 – Paris Baguette – love the gluten, hate the trays.
10 – We now have the resources to push in the directions of choice in accelerated fashion
11 – Club hockey president 2018 cracked my neck nicely
12 – Current EventsCondemning MBS and other human right leaders violating human rights
13 – Accountability starts in the ICC, trying the killers is step one
15 – Environmental Overhaul – stop funking up our world with your nonsense
16 – Atom by Atom, Molecule by Molecule – beneficial grey goo scenario
17 – Designing Terraforming robot to have positive environmental impact. CO2 solar planes, ocean acidification altering robofish and submarines, rolling nano trees
19 – It is always a lovely day tomorrow