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Payroll in Excel 2018 – What’s going on with my Paycheck?

The IRS is catching up with the sweeping tax legislation passed in late December 2017, I’m here to help!
Calculating 2018 withholding based on the new rates shown here:

For more information on purchasing a 2018 Payroll in Excel Sprapp for your small business, use the contact form below or email me

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Conspiracy Against Someone Souldn’t be Rand Dumb

I was so upset after hearing Rand Paul attack the FBI on morning Joe Friday
clip about FBI nonsense that got

that I recorded this:

0:00 Witness to two fatalities (i think) over past few years on the road, i prefer Black Audi’s over Red Ford Mustangs
0:45 I’m a little ticked off about Rand Paul
1:00 UnAmerican PutinEsk views (Baaahnackelll)
1:30 Conspiracy by S & P
2:00 You’ll say anything in a text trying to get laid
2:30 Fake Collusion – that word don’t mean crap
3:00 Let’s talk about the word Conspiracy
4:00 I’ve got some predictions
4:30 Dingleberry Guilty Pleaz
5:00 Let’s go down the Pardon Flynn road…
6:00 Sergey Magnitsky’s death is not in vain [Thank you Bill Browder]
7:00 Release those Billions of Rubyeels into SuperPacs
7:40 If you are arguing for Putin, are you a co-conpirator
8:16 How about some evidence Rand?
8:45 Do you we want to Putin to win?
9:15 Is the Russian federation threatening the lives of our representatives?
10:00 The Real Conspiracy Against the United States
11- Challenge time

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Podcast Monday 12/18 – The Don Truman Show

It’s a podcast about what we are gonna do

Timestamp – Summary Comments
0:00 Happy Monday, it’s a case of the mondays on a big week
1:00 The Great Actor Delivers again
2:00 “Borat of Politicians” will never assume guilt
3:00 ALL of America will not sign up for Treason
3:00 What if he doesn’t fire anybody?
4:00 Really, the entire FBI? really
5:00 A nation of laws or a nation of Putin
5:00 3 reasons (Complicit, Paid Off or being a brain drone)
6:30 We thought we had separation of powers, memmber?
7:15 Really – the whole FBI, really?
8:00 Ethics is upset, it’s like Star Wars – we need balance vs the dark side
9:00 Let’s get real, of course he’ll do it
9:30 Congressmen need to stand for country over Putin
10:00 Supposedly it ain’t so great over there for most everybody
11:00 What do we do then……………………Recognize perhaps
12:00 Public Censure – the orange boy in the bubble
12:20 Let’s pretend liberals are FCCevil
12:50 Sean Fartitty
13:30 Big Macs and fake approvals goes hand in hand
14:00 Either way it’s gonna get messy