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NFL Week 5 Survivor Pool Sprapp Recap

We are going to initiate even more overhaul to the file this week, adding the Vegas opinion…

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Payroll in Excel Sprapps for 2017

The most viewed video ever for me has been this Payroll video from 2013 about Federal Income Tax Withholding;

The version for the current year is available, here is a preview showing quarterly filing Form 941 Reports;

Weekly Version for North Carolina that also incorporates commission calculations:

The basic template provides a great deal of assistance for your small business, however some custom additions are generally needed for accurate and complete reporting.

If you are interested in purchasing a payroll file for your small business – think about the answers to the questions below:

How many potential employees for an entire year?
What State and County/Municipal taxes apply to the employer and employees?
What is your payroll period? Weekly – BiWeekly – Semi-Monthly