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Podcast Friday Jan 26th, 2018 – Super Uber

Finally a little less politics in today’s pod

0:00 Happy FryDay
0:30 Let’s Talk about Uber
1:00 Needs
1:30 Seeing Circles
1:45 Transportation is a core need, that works if people are generally good
2:45 People care about their reputation, We start doing through the motions of being human and patterns we weave
3:15 Crazy drivers, but that’s Uber rare
4:00 Focusing on the good could be our news everyday
4:20 Cabs are gross
4:30 Solar powered electric car anyone?
4:45 that would be a DuHummer
5:00 Rare but yes I’ve done it
5:45 Let’s talk Accountability
6:00 Elon Musk impression time (South African Stewie)
7:15 The Database of the God View
7:30 Kapernick – Jalopnik – Kalonik
8:45 Going Drunk with Power on the God View
9:30 Doin Uber like-s doing Acid
10:00 Record Keeping Madness is the Evidence pushing the Reckoning of Truth
10:45 Jessica Alba??? Meghan McCain? is that the best you can do Braverman
11:45 Taking the Chance out of a chance meeting for sure
12:15 Level of Privacy that can be violated is astounding
12:30 Sneaky God view lookers
13:00 Looking back for some confirmations on old relationships, that’s an appealing apple coming from the snake of information
13:40 Emotional FOIA request
14:40 Yutz on Youtube in Japan
15:00 Desensitized to reality when life is a FAIL video
15:30 It’s not really legal anymore, it’s become a moral issue about what privacy we will allow others to have
16:30 President Shole keeping bringing our morality compass down
17:00 Record Keeping Madness – if you’re not Edward Snowden…understand that Kalonik of data you’re drinking
18:00 Directing Morality – What’s wrong with saying Fake News
18:30 Disgracing the Truth is disgraceful
19:20 Evidence

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