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Podcast Monday 12/18 – The Don Truman Show

It’s a podcast about what we are gonna do

Timestamp – Summary Comments
0:00 Happy Monday, it’s a case of the mondays on a big week
1:00 The Great Actor Delivers again
2:00 “Borat of Politicians” will never assume guilt
3:00 ALL of America will not sign up for Treason
3:00 What if he doesn’t fire anybody?
4:00 Really, the entire FBI? really
5:00 A nation of laws or a nation of Putin
5:00 3 reasons (Complicit, Paid Off or being a brain drone)
6:30 We thought we had separation of powers, memmber?
7:15 Really – the whole FBI, really?
8:00 Ethics is upset, it’s like Star Wars – we need balance vs the dark side
9:00 Let’s get real, of course he’ll do it
9:30 Congressmen need to stand for country over Putin
10:00 Supposedly it ain’t so great over there for most everybody
11:00 What do we do then……………………Recognize perhaps
12:00 Public Censure – the orange boy in the bubble
12:20 Let’s pretend liberals are FCCevil
12:50 Sean Fartitty
13:30 Big Macs and fake approvals goes hand in hand
14:00 Either way it’s gonna get messy

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