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Podcast Thursday Feb 1st, 2018 – Making the call on Bitcoin

Let’d talk about money today

0:00 AIM The Force Feat QNC
3:45 Try not to be on a treadmill and step it up
4:00 A goal for Black History Month
4:30 Whatcha gonna do about Bitcoin
5:00 I heard wrong – Can’t advertise for Bitcoin related products through ad platform instead
6:30 Bitcoin IRAs are for tards
8:30 What are you gonna do with $1.20 worth of Bitcoin?
9:22 How low is Bitcoin gonna go? I doubt below 8k for long…10k is still my floor
10:00 You can’t get your money from Putin before you send it to him
10:30 The currency itself is not a scam
11:00 Immediate payment is purrrdy dam cool (old poker glory days stories..)
12:00 Let us not forget why the cryptocurrency market is so exciting, world domination by us
13:30 Are people going to stop accepting it? I doubt it
14:00 That bite from the golden chocolate bar was tasty
14:30 Superbowl talk – breakin it down
15:45 There were no astronaughts last time Eagles won anything
16:30 Does the force behind the pats lose to the better team this year
17:15 Brady Fail ends all
18:00 I still have faith in Bitcoin

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