2023 Payroll in Excel and Googlesheets

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DIY Payroll solution for MS Excel – all 50 states and D.C. supported along with most compensation types and deductions. Ability to customize is easy and modular

Payroll should be easy, let’s make it so!


1 review for 2023 Payroll in Excel and Googlesheets

  1. David Bolt (verified owner)

    The level of customer service you provide is well beyond any e-commerce vendor that I’ve dealt with in the past. I’m glad I came across your youtube video and found this tool.

    Within 5 minutes of placing the order, Ken called to go over my specific business needs and customized the payroll tool to incorporate Davis-Bacon Certified Payroll Reports. If you are in need of a simplified payroll tax calculator, and don’t want to pay thousand’s to Intuit or other SAAS companies I highly recommend Ken’s tool.

    Thanks again Ken!

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