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Sunday August 18th, 2019 – MLB, Fantasy, College Football

Sunday was a good day for the MLB algorithm

$4 5 team Round Robin with the games above bet score 3 yielded over 3.5 to 1, 6 th pick won also…
All 5 games above bet score 3 win including underdog Minnesota
All lineups confirmed, CWS jumped up there late, maybe +1.5 runs a more reliable bet for parlay. Great line at 170
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MLB Algorithm Satuday August 17th, 2019

Profitable above bet score 3 going 4-1 with only the Dodgers losing and it’s never a bad idea to have money on the LAD this year. CWS and CLE both covered the +1.5 at very nice lines good thing to keep in mind for the future when algorithm predicts 1 one games with those underdog quality lines.
AAA pitcher for SF with low ERA in limited action
Pretty cool way at viewing the fantasy lienups scores per player and batting order.
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MLB Algorithm Wed 8/14/19 – From the Truman Parks

the Dodgers are a reliable team, STL over KC in the I-70 series is also a given – everything else was a mess on Wed
The round robin 8 team $0.50 per bet got demolished, losing the entire investment in one day playing round robyn is frequent. Be prepared for that to happen frequently.
Choppy day on Tuesday, Cleveland tough loss to Boston and Houston couldn’t sweep double header. 3 of 6 underdogs hit for a nice profit on Seattle and Minnesota
later game lineups are not yet confirmed