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Saturday 9/21/19 – MLB and College Football

Reviewing the college football slate, here is the preliminary algorithm breakdown

Lost the Air Force vs Boise State game last night, Air force held up until the 4th quarter not a bad pick in spirit
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NFL Week 3 Thursday Night Preview 9/19

Taking a look at the results from Week 2, the top 4 games looked great and then the data becomes inconsistent where the projection scores and win strength %’s don’t always align. That will happen early in the year due to lack of current season team stats with limited sample size. For week 3 I will be showing multiple projections based on 2019 Team Stats and player cotributions.
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Podcast Monday September 16th 2019 – poison / Sports

In today’s podcast I talked about why it’s so difficult to update the algorithms right now.. a little discussion of football week 2 results and why I’m not going to be generating horse racing applications this year.

This was the NFL week 2 video posted on Saturday night that paying subscribers were able to view before the games on Sunday
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NFL Algorithm – Week 2 Thursday Night Preview

Week 1 went 12-3-1, we caught two underdogs with Buffalo and Tennessee and beat the vegas oddsmakers.
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