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Today’s Sprapps Friday July 23rd, 2021

7/102021 NFL AlgorithmEarliest release ever for the upcoming football season, watch the preview video
7/15Stocks SprappModerna strong adding to S&P 500 makes call options explode this week – Video recap coming soon
6/28Viral Defense DatabaseMolecular Biology – what is small can be so big! Genetic Algorithm (annotation assistant) under development , discovering the relationships hidden within the genomes of all creatures.
7/5Ken’s Talk PodcastListen to Monday’s Podcast – “What happens when Russian Bitcoin is the victim of Ransomware?”
5/172020 Personal 1040 Tax SimulatorThis is an ongoing process, everywhere you turn there is a new form to import in the master tax data cube. Updates will be forthcoming
5/5/21Payroll 2021 in Excel50 State version is available for Beta testing, final product still under development
This list is updated daily, sometimes multiple times per day

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4/8/21 – Form 941 Federal Tax Quarterly (Revised March 2021) – Ken’s Guide

Payroll and Taxes have been adjusted frequently over the past few years as major changes to the tax code were enacted. The Form 941 for Quarterly Business filing has been revised in March 2021 – videos today will be on the topic of small business payroll, tax reporting, filing etc..

The Form W4 was revised in 2020, you should have your employees fill out a 2020 or later W4 instead of the older W4s for more accurate federal tax withholding per pay period.

Original “New 2020” W4 video from Dec 2019 explaining the changes that affect federal tax withholding
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Podcast Monday 11/30/20 – GPT-3 Could be a start to Ambient Health for all

There has never been a better time to overhaul healthcare, the direction of AI is inevitable

The most amazing news, the secret of life now has an algorithm thanks for Google Deepmind and AlphaFold

Google Deepmind beat me to the answer! Good for them and good for the world – let’s tackle every problem at the molecular level and code the solutions to life