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4/13 – Variety Tuesday

Spring feels like it has marched in already, more sun everyday means more fun and Vitamin D for everyone who takes advantage of the outdoors. If you have the ability to “work from home”, there is a chance you can also “work from anywhere” with an internet connection and a mode of transport. Variety is the spice of life, no need to live bland.

Lots on tap today NHL Algorithm

NHL Algorithm has another tough day on Monday, subscribe for today’s picks via email newsletter

MLB is getting fun (working on it now)

Tesla Stock is having a nice run recently, there will be a stock discussion video coming after close today

Payroll Quarterly Tax Reporting Season is upon us and the federal deadline for individuals was extended. Form 941 video update coming soon.

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Sports Saturday April 10th, 2021 – NHL & MLB

Friday’s hockey games went pretty well
Baseball had tougher time, especially the underdogs picked by the algorithm all lost on Friday.
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4/8/21 – Form 941 Federal Tax Quarterly (Revised March 2021) – Ken’s Guide

Payroll and Taxes have been adjusted frequently over the past few years as major changes to the tax code were enacted. The Form 941 for Quarterly Business filing has been revised in March 2021 – videos today will be on the topic of small business payroll, tax reporting, filing etc..

The Form W4 was revised in 2020, you should have your employees fill out a 2020 or later W4 instead of the older W4s for more accurate federal tax withholding per pay period.

Original “New 2020” W4 video from Dec 2019 explaining the changes that affect federal tax withholding
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4/7 – MLB Algorithm Update

TONS of work done on the Baseball algorithm this morning, 2020 player stats are now gone and there is a new Margin column for tracking winners and comparing team matchups

Reading the Margin column of the sheet, LAD 52% is the biggest favorite followed closely by MIN at 50% margin. Closest game is the NYM vs PHI game