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Today’s Sprapps Monday October 18th, 2021

10/182021-’22 NHL Algorithm
(2 Sold Currently)
The Next public NHL Algorithm video will occur when 10 NHL algorithm subscriptions are sold. NHL prediction videos are currently unlisted for subscribers only.
10/182021 NFL Algorithm
(17 Sold Currently)
The next public NFL Algorithm prediction video will occur when 25 NFL algorithm subscriptions are sold.
NFL videos are released for public access AFTER the games are finished.
8/16/21Molecular Biology Video Comparing Sars-COV2 Genomes looking for variants and mutations. More work on this file before the end of 2021 is needed.
5/17/212020 Personal 1040 Tax SimulatorThis is an ongoing process, everywhere you turn there is a new form to import in the master tax data cube. Updates will be forthcoming
5/5/21Payroll 2021 in Excel50 State version is available for Beta testing, final product still under development
This list is updated daily, sometimes multiple times per day
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Podcast Monday 11/30/20 – GPT-3 Could be a start to Ambient Health for all

There has never been a better time to overhaul healthcare, the direction of AI is inevitable

The most amazing news, the secret of life now has an algorithm thanks for Google Deepmind and AlphaFold

Google Deepmind beat me to the answer! Good for them and good for the world – let’s tackle every problem at the molecular level and code the solutions to life