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Payroll in Excel – NY State Withholding Edition

Paid Family Leave and State Disability may apply in New York, payroll in excel makes it easy
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Monday September 7th 2020 Universal voter Service

Keeping track of voter registration should be easy, today’s video will be about a proof-of-concept idea for all of us voters to have a coded number related to your social security number that will allow you to validly check your voter registration online.

a database of 300 million + is well within reason to manage and verify on an ongoing basis. This solution will prevent voter fraud at every level and allow each individual to Monitor and verify their registration status and even receipt of vote.

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Saturday Aug 29th, 2020 – Payroll Tax Deferral Talk

I will be recording a video on the topic of payroll tax deferral for lower-income paycheck recipients, my advice is to withhold the amount now as normally planned and remit the amount just as you always have. Deferring the payroll tax will only cause problems down the road so you may as well just take care of it now and not change your payroll program.