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2020 NFL Algorithm – MEGAPOST

Videos from the 2020 Season:

Week 17 and Season Review Week 16 Sunday Christmas Edition Week 15Thursday Saturday Sunday Week 14 Monday Sunday Thursday Week 13 Recap Sat Sunday Update Thursday Week 12 Sunday Thanksgiving Week 11 Sunday Thursday Week 10 Monday Sunday Thursday Week 9 Monday in Spanish Sunday $Winning 18-1 Week 8 Preview Recap Sunday Thursday Macro Optimizer Preview Week 7 Recap Sunday Week 6 Thursday Week 5 Recap Week 4 Update Thursday Week 3 Recap Week 2 Recap Week 1 The beginning 2020 Flagship Video

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2021 Payroll in Excel MEGAPOST

Looking for the 50 State version –

9 States that have no 2021 state withholding tax currently are Alaska (AK), Florida (FL), New Hampshire (NH), Nevada (NV), South Dakota (SD), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Washington (WA) and Wyoming (WY). The other 42 States and (DC) are shown below with video tutorial links that review how to calculate the tax withholding for all types of employees and compensation scenarios in each specific state.

State (Abbreviation)Video Link with comment and *last updated date
Arkansas (AR)2021 completed *12/8/20
Alabama (AL)looks to be the same as 2020
Arizona (AZ)complete same as 2/23/20
California (CA)2021 preliminary rates have been released
Colorado (CO) looks to be unchanged from 2020
Connecticut (CT)added Paid Family Leave in 2021
Delaware (DE)should remain unchanged in 2021
District of Columbia (DC)not yet updated for 2021
Georgia (GA)2020 because 2021 rot released yet
Hawaii (HI)hasn’t changed since 2013 apparently
Iowa (IA)2021 complete
Idaho (ID)updated mid 2020
Illinois (IL)should be same as 2020
Indiana (IN)Complete with County rates updated for 2021
Kansas (KS)unchanged effective 2017
Kentucky (KY)2021 Draft updated
Louisiana (LA)2021 complete
Massachusetts (MA)2021 Complete
Maryland (MD)2020 Video (still waiting on 2021 rate release)
Maine (ME)2021 complete
Michigan (MI)2020 Video (2021 not yet updated)
Minnesota (MN)2020 rates
Missouri (MO)2021 is complete
Mississippi (MS)Complete effective 2020
Montana (MT)Complete remains unchanged from 2020
North Carolina (NC)effective 2020
North Dakota (ND)2021 is complete
Nebraska (NE)Complete effective 2017
New Jersey (NJ)2021 is complete
New Mexico (NM)Complete effective 2020
New York (NY)2021 is complete
Ohio (OH)2021 with Municipal Tax Rates is complete
Oklahoma (OK)Complete effective 2020
Oregon (OR)2012 is complicated and complete!
Pennsylvania (PA)2021 complete with City Rates and UI
Rhode Island (RI)2021 is complete
South Carolina (SC)2021 is complete
Utah (UT)2021 is complete
Virginia (VA)Complete effective 2019
Vermont (VT)2021 complete
Wisconsin (WI)Complete effective 2014
West Virginia (WV)Complete effective 2007
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Podcast Monday 11/30/20 – GPT-3 Could be a start to Ambient Health for all

There has never been a better time to overhaul healthcare, the direction of AI is inevitable

The most amazing news, the secret of life now has an algorithm thanks for Google Deepmind and AlphaFold

Google Deepmind beat me to the answer! Good for them and good for the world – let’s tackle every problem at the molecular level and code the solutions to life