2024 Payroll in Excel for Small Business




The excel payroll file helps to track all your 2024 payroll information in one excel fie and makes reporting a breeze. Dynamic pivot fully unlocked for limitless custom reporting solutions.

Main questions I will ask about your business in order to customize the excel payroll file are:

  1. How many employee slots needed? (remember to account for turnover not just currently working)
  2. Which State(s) do you have employees and/or need included? I have all 50 but shrink the version for you to make it faster/easier to use
  3. What is your payroll frequency? (Weekly, BiWeekly, Semi=Monthly, Monthly, etc)
  4. First paycheck date in 2024
  5. Pay period related to that first paycheck date of 2024 ended on what date?
  6. Any custom specific payroll scenarios your business may have that you haven’t seen in the video tutorials about the payroll in excel file?

I will contact you after purchase to gather that business specific information and provide final delivery date/time.


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